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Hair beauty is a process

The elements of long-term success

In whichever salon professionals practice their work, the relationship with the customer is the basis of everything. It is here where we start to develop the combination of the needs of clients and the services of hair styling.


Sister Laura, another expert who is always up-to-date on everything hair-related. She fulfils the desires of the customers using fantasy and creativity to craft individual and unique works of art.

The staff

With great professionalism and experience, constantly updated in the various specializations at the best academies in Italy to offer quality services.


The salon is able to provide all types of treatment for the hair with 360° service – from the well-being and regeneration of the hair fiber to trendy styling / color and image advice.


In the salon only the best products are used and sold: Shu Uemura, L’Oreal, Kerastase, Wella, Nature, Carita Paris, Aldo Coppola.

Personalized advice

The company works with a well-known trichology company and can deal with any type of hair issue or concern. As soon as customers enter the salon they receive the attention and expertise they deserve by highly qualified staff. The range of services offered has been expanded to include the latest techniques and scientific discoveries in the field.

“We love our profession, we will continue to practice it every day with passion and dedication in a dynamic way”


Stefania Anselmi’s staff enhancing your natural beauty

Thanks to decades of experience, the “Stefania Anselmi” salon offers all the services for hair care and beauty.

Its performance, the result of continuous updates and collaboration with important brands such as Shu Uemura , Oreal , Kerastase , Wella , Nature , have as their goal the total satisfaction of customers who come out of the salon not only with the most beautiful but also the most beautiful and healthy hair.

The secret of such success is also linked to the perfect knowledge of the fashions and trends of the moment through the update on fashion launches, without forgetting to always find the right balance between what he sets proposes the fashion of the moment and what suits the client best.

Over time, a particular experience has also been gained in the entertainment world thanks to the services created for famous actresses and VIPs in general.










We enhance your natural beauty


The innovative hair treatment popular with Hollywood stars and all over the world

Shu Uemura combines the highest quality products with a series of shiatsu-inspired processes which work both on hair and the pleasant, psychophysical sensations experienced during the treatment or ‘Ceremony’.

Shu uemura products represent the best external hair treatments available on the market today.

The passion for art:born in Tokyo in 1928 to a well-known Japanese family, it was his passion for art which helped shu uemura establish himself as a top make-up artist.

A non-conformist nature, a sense of colour and attention to texture inspired shu uemura to reinvent the very idea of make-up. His ideas contributed hugely to solidifying the concept of make-up as an authentic art form. He achieved excellence by his choice of natural ingredients combined with deep sea water, his skin-protecting formulas and by avoiding putting skin under excessive stress. His philosophy broke with established cosmetic tradition. For the first time in the history of make-up it was no longer being used to mask flaws but instead to reveal the inner beauty of each individual’s face thus enhancing the aesthetics holistically.

Shu Uemura, loved to say: A flaw is no longer a flaw if we succeed in beautifying the context in which we find it”. It is because of his revolutionary approach that shu uemura is often referred to as a pioneer of make-up.IMG_4446

Shu uemura’s career really began in 1955 when he worked as an onset make-up artist in Hollywood.

In 1964 he famously transformed actress Shirley MacLaine into a geisha for the film My Geisha, this was the turning point for shu uemura. Three years later in Japan he launched a revolutionary facial cleansing product – today the shu uemura Cleansing Oil is still a best-seller.

The unique formula of the make-up remover guarantees a perfect cleansing of the skin while leaving it moisturised and silky – ideal for removing every impurity even around sensitive eyes.

In 1968 shu uemura released his first make-up collection and subsequently founded a laboratory, jm laboratories inc, where today the Shu Uemura products are still created..

In 2007 a hair-care product line was launched, the art of hair, Promoted by the most famous beauty salons in the world it immediately achieved cult status. In the same year the phyto-black lift facial product line was also launched. phyto-black liftt.IMG_4451

Today the Shu Uemura brand is represented in 18 countries with over 320 points of sale, 150 in Europe. The Stefania Anselmi salon is the only shu uemura representative in Umbria and the only one in Italy set in a small town rather than a big city.

Stefania’s salon celebrates the most refined taste with the beauty Ceremonies of shu uemura art of hair: cosmetic treatments with the artistic touch. Conceived to satisfy all hair needs, the philosophy of the Ceremonies is to treat hair like a canvas on which expert hairdressers can express themselves artistically.

They begin with a deep scalp and hair cleansing treatment using essential oils; this is followed by the application on the hair of a mixture of Depsea Water, pure water extracted from the ocean’s depths and nourishing and soothing oils. Now the ‘canvas’ is ready. A styling base of atomised Depsea Foundation tonic is prepared in order to fully detangle and recondition the hair.

All that remains is to finish the work of art using shu uemura art of hair styling products to fully express the artistic sensibility.

The result is an intense moment of sensorial pleasure for the client, enveloped in a totally relaxing atmosphere. Shiatsu massage, expert handling, soft lights, oriental scents and music cradle the senses in a profound experience of beauty and well-being.

L’azienda “Stefania Anselmi” interprets this philosophy expertly in her salon, with acute attention to details, professionalism and personal warmth – there’s a good reason she was chosen to, partner shu uemura in Umbria!

Hairdreams – or to be more precise the art of hair extensions

Lengthening dream hair, a natural volumising effect due to the thickening of the hair and cutting and styling with natural wisps of hair; everything is possible with Hairdreams’ authentic hair extensions of the highest quality and using its professional lengthening system. Be amazed when you discover the fantastic possibilities of Hairdreams styling at the Stefania Anselmi salon.

The treatment Stefania provides involves thickening hair and then integrating Hairdreams’ extensions.

The problem of ‘hair loss’ is something which affects more and more women as well as men. The problem typically appears as very fine and fragile hair, hair that is thinning out or even small bald patches. In every case this represents a major problem for the sufferers: they feel fragile, unattractive and weak. Their biggest dream: thick lustrous hair! The most natural and long-lasting method for giving fine, thinned hair body and volume is offered by the Hairdreams thickening method. According to how thin or fine the hair is, there are various methods for making it thicker. In every case there is a made-to-measure solution available from Hairdreams.

Why does this phenomenon occur? The main causes:

-Genetic predisposition: Because of their genetic make-up, many women are naturally prone to fine or thin hair;

-Environmental and external circumstances: stress and pollutants can cause hair loss;

-Diet: diet has a significant influence on skin and hair;

-The Effects of Ageing: with the advancing years the robustness and volume of hair gradually declines;

-Hormonal imbalances: various illnesses and pregnancy can cause hair loss.

Quite often women with hair loss problems feel deeply stricken and try to alleviate the problem using styling products, scalp colorants and various other ‘solutions’. Usually, however, this aggravates the situation instead of solving it. While there are many preparations which promise to combat hair loss and thinning hair, so far there is no really effective long-term remedy to reinforce thinning hair or instigate hair re-growth. There is a highly effective and long-lasting solution for all types of fine and thinning hair – the thickening and volumising methods of Hairdreams.

Haute beauté carita

The Carita sisters have left a unique and intact legacy: an internationally renowned beauty brand whose originality is based on a perfect combination of luxury, femininity and the expertise of great professionals in the sector.

Carita treatments and products are synonymous with tradition and innovation, are based on the intuitions and experience of the sisters, and over the years have been enriched with the technological innovations of the Maisan research laboratories.

Carita offers a universe of tailor-made treatments and products dedicated to the beauty of the face, body and hair that are based on an exclusive method based on the simple idea that beauty is the result of four actions combined correctly. precise and regular:

  1. Prepare: cleansing the skin is the necessary condition to allow the treatment products to act in the best possible way.
  2. Activate: is the Carita treatment par excellence, through the serums it acts on all skin imperfections.
  3. Reveal: giving new vitality and radiance to keep the skin in balance and fight skin aging.
  4. Perfect: the conclusion of the beauty ritual with foundation to sublimate the complexion.

Haute beauté products


The line of hair treatments that with «Capitai Matière» helps to strengthen and restructure the heart of the hair fiber, restoring density and resistance to the hair from root to tip. 


eau_de_parfum2A FLORAL CI PRIATA fragrance: elegant, feminine, soft and loyal. Eau de Parfum CARITA develops around a powdery floral theme, with delicate accents of amber and vanilla. The dominant flowery is concentrated in a pink-violet combination, accompanied by the rich presence of the irische acts as a common thread. 


Visu-Technoled-CatégorieDaily beauty rituals, body treatments combine efficacy and sensuality, contain firming and anti-aging active ingredients, for a compact, luminous and silky skin. 


gamme-solaireA line of anti-aging sun treatments formulated to help the skin "live in harmony with the sun", A range of products that ensures optimal protection and promotes a homogeneous and lasting tan. 


gamme-ideal-whiteThe answer to all skin imperfections: dehydrated, sensitive, oily, asphyxiated skin to preserve the skin's youth and balance.


bg-teint-catA range of anti-aging foundations to complete the beauty ritual. Voile Sublimateur Eciat for a natural finish, bare skin effect, Soin Sublimateur Eciat for good coverage and excellent comfort.


702A prestigious and innovative line based on gemmocosmetics, it combines the quintessence of the plant and mineral world with the most recent biotechnological advances to reactivate the vitality of cells. Diamond, sapphire, tourmaline give the skin extreme brightness, act on the electromagnetic system of the cell to give new vitality and youth to the skin. 


progressif-anti-tachesThe anti-temp or par excellence line, rich in highly performing active ingredients with a dynamizing, firming, restructuring action that acts on the different stages of aging to visibly reduce the signs of aging.

Haute beauté treatments

Fruit of the savoir-faire of the Maison's "artisan de beauté", Carita's face, body and hair treatments are the union of the expert gestures of the beautician, exclusive massage techniques and the high efficacy of the products.

At least one of the House's three emblems is used in all: Fluide de Beauté 14, Rénovateur, the Cinetic Lift Expert machine to guarantee visible results and total well-being.


It is an ultra-nourishing dry oil for face, body and hair. Moisturizes without greasing, leaves the skin soft and supple for a long time. If massaged with soft movements, it removes daily tensions, gives way to a feeling of relaxation, optimizes the effectiveness of the subsequent treatment.


Created by the Carita sisters in 1956, it is a fluid that turns into powder after a slow draining massage. Its secret is a formula that contains essential oils and dried sunflower seeds which after the massage are removed by dusting the skin with your hands and leave the skin incredibly soft.


Sixty years ago the Carita sisters understood the importance of vibratory waves to decongest, detoxify and plump the tissues. Cinetic Lift Expert is a latest generation professional aesthetic machine designed to complete manual modeling in face, body and hair treatments and to act directly on all skin imperfections.

The professional Carita hair treatments were developed by the two sisters and are still performed according to the original protocols.

All are divided into three phases: drain, purify, "remise en qeauté", they differ according to the type of hair and the final effect you want to achieve, they have 3 common objectives: volume, youth, shine.


It is the basic treatment, it lasts thirty minutes, it is ideal to be done before an important hairstyle. It is for all hair types, it is performed in three steps that vary in the type of product used according to need. A first phase involves a scalp massage with Caritrix and with the Gommage Cuir Chevelu to purify and revitalize, then the shampoo is applied, then closed with the mask.


It is a relaxing treatment to relax the whole body, starting with a full-bodied scalp massage. It opens with a scrub and a draining massage performed with Rénovateur to stimulate microcirculation. Then according to the type of hair, shampoo and mask are applied, it is closed with a manual massage of the nape and trapezoids with Fluide de Beauté 14.


It is the most luxurious and dearest treatment to the Carita sisters, it lasts an hour and combines sensory pleasure and beauty care. As an opening, a conditioner with a secret formula is applied to the scalp and the entire length of the hair. Then you get to the heart of the treatment with an essential massage performed with hot stones to stimulate strategic points on the scalp. Finally, shampoo and mask are applied.


gamme-haute-beaute-cheveuxThe treatment begins with the application on dry scalp of Caritrix, an essential oil rich in floral extracts including sweet orange, rosemary and juniper oil. To facilitate its penetration, perform a draining-stimulating massage with acupressure of different intensity on the whole head. Then leave on for 10 minutes and then pat dry with a towel. The second phase involves applying the Masque Purifiant over the entire length of the hair. This purifying mask balances the scalp and leaves hair lighter and cleaner. Leave the mask on for 3 minutes and rinse. The final phase involves the application of Shampooing Purifiant with a very gentle massage. Rinse thoroughly. 


…our profession has a long history

...I love my profession, I will continue to practice it every day with passion and dedication in a dynamic and proactive way…

Stefania Anselmi


  • "Gente", del 25 giugno 2012
    La ricerca della perfezione è,fin dall’inizio della sua carriera, il propulsore del lavoro di Stefania Anselmi:”Per questo – dice – nel mio salone,dove non potrei fare a meno del supporto di mia sorella Laura, Inoa è stato accolto come lo strumento ideale per dare ad ogni cliente il meglio: il colore che ha sempre desiderato in tutta tranquillità. Grazie alla tecnologia ODS, infatti, il sistema di colorazione viene potenziato rispettando i capelli e il confort del cuoio capelluto. Io stessa sono una cliente Inoa e non mi stupisco affatto che una donna moderna e sempre attenta al prorprio look come Claudia Gerini viva con tanto entusiasmo il suo ruolo di ambasciatrice,raccontando attraverso la propria immagine lo splendore delle nuances Inoa”
    "Gente", del 25 giugno 2012
  • "Chi" del 13 aprile 2011
    Un grande hair space, una solida esperienza e il consiglio giusto per ogni cliente. “Per noi è fondamentale – dice Stefania Anselmi che, affiancata dalla sorella Laura, dirige il salone di Orvieto – offrire alle nostre clienti i trattamenti migliori. Io adoro Inoa: sa come rendere felice una donna. Già l’assenza di odore è un messaggio gradevole e rilassante. In più, regala ai capelli lucentezza e morbidezza con delle tonalità che rimangono fedeli e brillanti a lungo… Devo proprio confessarlo: anch’io sono passata ad Inoa e non torno più indietro”
    "Chi" del 13 aprile 2011
  • "Orvietonews"
    Il viaggio nel mondo della bellezza e del benessere inizia da pochi, semplici gesti che avvicinano al paradisiaco relax dei sensi. Equilibrio perfetto tra natura, arte e scienza, uniti alla passione e alla sensibilità di un artista. Tutto questo è Shu Uemura, brand di punta nel mondo della cosmesi e nell’hair styling, presenza di assoluto prestigio e rigore sulle passerelle di tutto il mondo, filosofia del benessere abbracciata da fashion-vips e make-up artists tra i più ricercati

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